Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Targeting a niche

Anyone who knows my work most likely thinks of me as a food photographer. i started a food magazine in 1996 and started taking photos for it because i couldn't afford to pay a photographer, an ironic twist of the knife every time a potential client passes on me because of their budget. photographing food has become a neurosis for me in some ways, and comes with the anxiety and fleeting satisfaction that you'd expect. Now i have a system, which revolves around stitching, natural light and reflectors more than anything else. i love using artificial light, and am doing everything i can to learn more about it through the myriad free resources out there -- but i only use strobes with food when i have to. so, these are shots from last week for Nob Hill Bar and Grill (top two sets) and Casa Vieja in the Corrales (bottom).

Ralph Bunch Charter School

I was commissioned to photograph the staff and student life at this very interesting charter school near the Albuquerque airport. The assignment saw me try some new gear, like my Phototek LM which I was basically happy with. Despite the somewhat austere environment, the school was full of life and the teachers seemed committed to their students in a way I haven't seen at other schools I've photographed.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day

Father's Day seems as good a time as any for me to start a blog. i hope this spot will become a way for me to share the victories and defeats of an aspiring photographer. one thing I know now, after my first year of full-time pursuit of a career in photography is that, like most things worth doing, it is not easy. we'll see how well I keep up with it. Julie made a delicious dinner for us, and the boys were as good as they could get themselves to be for the day. not perfect, but no blood.