Monday, January 24, 2011

Mother Truckin' Gourmet

The fine folks at EFG Creative called me to help with images for a client unveiling a high-end food truck concept. This was one of those assignements that felt less like work than it did a project we were all invested in. Val and Karen are a dynamic mother/daughter duo with an impressive combined culinary pedigree, and I think this is a slam dunk concept that Albuquerque folks will one day wonder how they lived without! I mainly used the beautiful mountain light coming in the windows, but added a little strobe here and there for the portraits.

Desert Fish

The Alibi sent me to Desert Fish this week. This restaurant is beautiful and is a welcome addition to the Duke City's restaurant scene. There is a Pacific Northwest seafood vibe to the menu, and management was cooperative despite my last-minute request today. Thanks to chef Carrie Eagle for putting together the items with no warning that I was coming! Ari talks about the crab cakes, the oysters and a Cioppino stew so those are what I photographed. Check them out online.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Back at Los Poblanos

This place is magical, so I take every opportunity I can get to be there. Last weekend I took the family down with me and got some shots, including one with my new iPhone and the fantastic Autostitch app (below). If you have a chance to get away and are in the area, make sure to get down to Los Poblanos.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New blogs

Yesterday I started shooting for a couple of new blogs that local epicurian Amy White is involved with: Edible Santa Fe and Vegetables, Glorious Vegetables. I think it'll be a great project and am looking forward to working more with Amy. Yesterday she put together a squash soup and green chile blue corn stew that will be featured in coming posts.

I Love Sushi

I'm putting this one in for a couple of reasons. First, I like the photos pretty well -- sushi is one of those photogenic foods that rewards you if you think about the setup. Second, due to miscommunication and some lost-in-translation moments, this shoot almost never happened. It reminded me that a phone call is sometimes not enough, that polite persistence and a cooperative spirit is imperative in photography, or any business where you work for yourself. It's easy to give up on projects because of a percieved lack of interest from the party paying for your service. The hard part is to figure out where this resistance originates, and if it is real or a simply misread. In any case, it was empowering to overcome a percieved obstacle to start a new year in photography...

Friday, January 7, 2011

DuVal Meditation

I've been lucky enough to have known Michelle since we were kids. She has always done things her way, and her company DuVal Meditation is no exception. She and Claudio, her marketing director, came by the home studio to update their portraits for thier website. We worked to evoke a welcoming and calm, yet professional message with these. I used my speedlights, incorporating a blue gel at times for that calming vibe. This is a great company doing important work. Be sure and check them out if you have ever wondered about meditation and living a more mindfull life.